How getting skilled training can boost your employability

By Joshua Fisk

People who work in the construction industry often meet obstacles during their application, particularly with regards to training. If you are one of these people, keep in mind that these types of courses can increase your employability. Not sure how? Read on to find out.

You learn a skill

One of the best things about getting skills training is that it enables you to learn a skill. Whilst there are advantages that you already have such as muscle strength, planning abilities and other similar traits, construction companies look for people who have official training. This is actually a good thing because not only will you have one more item to add to your credentials, but you are bound to learn a skill or two. 

 For example, when you get a Confined Space Training, you will learn to recognise a confined space, determine the hazards of working in one, as well as prepare for entry and work. So, by enrolling in a skilled course, you are actually doing yourself a favour by increasing your employability, whilst also taking a step towards self-improvement.

It keeps the work site safe

Working in the construction industry whether for years or months will teach you how dangerous the job can be. You don’t want to enter a construction site and be expected to operate heavy machinery such as a mobile boom truck without proper training. Not only do you put yourself in jeopardy, but also your workmates and even innocent bystanders. According to Safe Work Australia, the 2017 fatality rate in the construction industry is 2.7%. Moreover, the rate of fatalities for machinery operators and drivers is 7.1%.  

 So, if you are planning to run a boom truck, the first thing you should get is an Elevating Work Platform (EWP) certificate. This way, you will gain hands-on skills which not only covers operation but also planning, risks assessment and management, inspection and maintenance of the machine. With this certificate in your arsenal, you can increase your chances of being employed. 

You have proof of your competence

If you work in the construction industry, it pays to know that you cannot avoid working at heights. This is because building and infrastructures are built to maximise vertical spaces. However, construction companies do not hire just anyone to do the job. They opt to employ people who can manage to work on elevated surfaces.  

 Whilst you may be comfortable working on these types of sites, your potential employer will not risk hiring a person without proof of their competence. Enrolling in a skills course can help you show that you are indeed prepared to work at heights through the certificate of completion you will get. With this document, you can present your qualifications without hassle. 

 Nothing beats having the right skill and experience to do the job right. With skills training, you are bound to land a job that suits your preferences and fits your abilities. 

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