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Construction Ready Package


This package includes: 

White Card – Learn how to work safely in the construction industry with our white card course, classes conducted weekly.
To be certified for any construction site in Australia, you must hold a White Card. Australian regulations state that you must complete all necessary Work Health & Safety (WHS) induction training before you can enter a construction site or commence construction activity.

Confined Space –  Our confined space training will teach you the skills and knowledge required to work in confined spaces across several industries, including construction, warehouse and trade services.

Working at Heights – You will learn how to develop safe work method statements and risk assessments while working at heights. Ideal for a range of occupations, including roofers, electricians and construction workers, this course will improve your employability.

EWP (Yellow Card) – This course is ideal for construction workers, miners, warehouse personnel, painters, renderers and logistics people. Participants may complete singular or multiple machine classes, according to the type of work they will be undertaking.

Course Details

There are some prerequisites that must be adhered to if you’re looking to get your order picker truck licence:

  • Minimum 18 years of age 
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of English (written and verbal) 
  • 100pts of ID (e.g. driver’s licence, passport, birth certificate, etc.)
  • USI Unique Student Identifier. Get one here
Written – includes questions from the manual provided to you as well as from group presentations (some maths).

Practical – checks of the machine, load shifting, pallet racking and more. If for any reason you don’t succeed on your first try, we will re-book you in for another assessment*.

*admin fees may apply

  • Identify work requirements, inspecting the site and adhering to WHS requirements
  •  Identify and prepare work procedures and instructions 
  • Access and install equipment, including personal protective equipment, safety systems and fall protection 
  • Perform work at heights, including handling of equipment and maintaining appropriate risk control 
  • Clean up work area and safe storage of tools and equipment Assessing hazards and risk associated with working at heights 
  • Fitting, adjusting and anchoring of fall protection and associated equipment Identifying and implementing required safety systems 
  • Wearing and caring for personal protective equipment 
  • Working safely at heights according to relevant legislation

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